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all I ever wanted was to know what to do

mixture fixture how about me?

11 November
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kakistocracy - rule by those least fit

i like to eat spaghetti
1982 milwaukee brewers, 3ds, absurdity, activism, afghan whigs, albert camus, apples in stereo, archers of loaf, bailter space, barbara manning, beatles, belle & sebastian, better off airport, bettie serveert, beyond normal films, blonde redhead, bottle rockets, built to spill, buzzcocks, cat power, chavez, cheap trick, coal mine disasters, creedence clearwater revival, crooked fingers, democracy, deus, dirty three, don caballero, dr pepper, dr pepper clones, drag city, eastern europe, edward lear, electoral reform, environmental activism, extreme geography, girls against boys, goat-spiel, grassroots democracy, green bay packers, guided by voices, hefner, hum, husker du, independent media, james loewen, jarts, joel r. l. phelps, john coltrane, john steinbeck, joseph heller, karl hendricks trio, kung pao tofu, kurt vonnegut, low, magnetic fields, magnolia electric co., marbleworks, matador, merge, mike watt, minutemen, modest mouse, mold-a-ramas, mr. do, murder city devils, murray beagle, neil young, neutral milk hotel, nirvana, oscar wilde, pavement, pere ubu, pet shop boys, phil ochs, pinball, pirate geography, pixies, pj harvey, pointless collections, political economy, polvo, progressivism, r.e.m., racquetball, railroad jerk, red krayola, replacements, richard buckner, sammy walker, sara beagle, shiner, silkworm, silver jews, ski, sleater-kinney, small town america, smiths, social history, son volt, songs:ohia, sonic youth, sparklehorse, spoon, steve earle, superchunk, talking heads, tape leg, the regrets, thomas jefferson slave apartments, tom waits, truckster, uncle tupelo, urge overkill, varnaline, veganism, vegetarianism, vic chesnutt, wesn, wilco, wind energy, world war i, yo la tengo, you am i