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tears of a blog

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This time it's been almost three months. Poor, poor blog.

Here is the deal:

Not only is the writing bug strong, but actual ideas are circulating. Ideas which I need help whittling down, massaging, etc. Because it's finally time to start writing serious articles, and time to start thinking of what the first book will look like. And I have a couple of book ideas, one thanks to my father which would be more personality oriented, the other less formulated but something which would be more comprehensively Green.

I've decided that I'm going to try to use the blog to bounce some general ideas off of people, and see where it gets us. This is a dicey proposition since it's not like anybody is currently reading the blog, seeing as how there's no content and all that. But I'm hoping that between the blog proper and the Facebook mirror that it will attract at least marginal attention, and that a few people will be interested enough to become regular idea-consultants. This, after all, is the era of consultants. One day we're not even going to have spouses and parents, we're just going to have consultants for family members. For some people, they're probably already there.

So the next entry will be an actual idea, as opposed to a prelude to an idea. Prelude to an Idea sounds like a particularly lame something, a film or an album or more likely a cutting-edge sculpture. Sometimes there is little that can be done except to embrace the lame.

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